Police Department

Mission Statement

The Gaffney Police Department will vigorously perform our mission of public service with the highest ethical standards, pride, integrity, courage, honor, and dignity.  

Vision Statement


We will strive to maintain the trust and confidence of our citizens while working to improve their safety and quality of life".

Community Values

Maintain service as our primary goal, while vigorously pursuing those who commit crimes. 

Ensure that community responsiveness and the prevention of crime shall always be the hallmark of this organization. 

Provide courteous police service with respect for the rights and dignity of all the people we serve. 

Involve the community in policing activities that directly affect the quality of community life.   

Encourage public input regarding Law Enforcement needs within their community.

Remain committed to a shared and open relationship of involvement with all segments of our community.

For more information about the Gaffney Police Department, please visit www.gaffneypd.org or call 864-489-8115.