List of Parks and Amenities

 Happy toddlers on top of sliding boards holding hands

Thomson Park - 601 South Limestone Street

Thomson Park has entrances on both Limestone and Petty Street. This park has two picnic shelters, a playground, tennis courts, and restroom facilities.

Park Place - 603 Lyman Street

Park Place has a large children’s playground, picnic shelter, various picnic tables throughout the park, and restroom facilities.

McCluney Park

McCluney Park - 600 Granite Drive

McCluney Park is has two picnic shelters, two playgrounds, restrooms, a walking path, and a large grass area for children of all ages to enjoy.

Azell Robbs Park sign with white crepe myrtle bush

Azell Robbs Park - 203 Gaffney Avenue

Azell Robbs Park has restrooms, a playground, a basketball court, and a picnic shelter.

West End Park sign

West End Park

West End Park is located on Littlejohn Street.  This park has a small child’s play ground. What this park lacks in size it makes up in fun.

Boy riding skateboard at park

Irene Park - 310 West Montgomery Street

The skateboard park provides a challenging test of skills. The park has half pipes, grinding rails, numerous ramps and obstacles for every level of skill.

City Park

City Hall Park - 201 North Limestone Street

Located between the city administration building and fire department, this park has beautiful landscaping, benches, and a tranquil water feature. Enjoy this park as a wedding backdrop, or just sit and listen to the soothing flow of the water fountain located in the center of this park.

John Q. Little Park sign with flowers and fountain

John Q. Little Park - 414 College Drive

John Q. Little Park was built in honor of former mayor and long time council member John Q. Little. Designed for its passive features this park has benches, a spectacular water feature and beautiful landscaping. Enjoy this park for weddings or just relaxation.

Joe Dean Knuckles Park

Joe Dean Knuckles Park

In 2011, the City of Gaffney and the Gaffney Board of Public Works entered into a joint venture to design and build a park honoring long time member of the Gaffney Board of Public Works, Joe Dean Knuckles. Mr. Knuckles was elected to the Board of Public Works in 1971 and remained on the board until his passing in 2011. Mr. Knuckles was the first African American elected to the Gaffney Board of Public Works and was continually re-elected until his passing. This park is located on Buford and Young Street with the entrance on Young Street. The park has a walking path, benches and bench swings to enjoy the beautiful landscape this park provides. The park is owned by the Gaffney Board of Public Works and maintained by the City of Gaffney working together to provide another beautiful and relaxing park for all to enjoy.