Where do I get water, power, and sewer services?

The City of Gaffney does not offer the water, power and sewer services.  These services are provided by the Gaffney Board of Public Works, located at 210 East Frederick Street, Gaffney, SC.  (864) 488-8800.

How can I get pothole repaired?

The street division repairs potholes on City owned streets. A large majority of streets in the City belong to State Department of Transportation (864) 489-2844.   All repairs on these streets are referred to that agency for repairs.  To determine if a street is maintained by the State Department of Transportation, please notice the black number signs at intersections (usually on the stop signs). The State roads are numbered "S-11-###" - when calling the SCDOT, this number will help expedite your reporting. Also, please note that highways are State maintained.

What is the schedule for residential garbage collection?

Once a week, on designated collection day for your neighborhood, City trucks collect household garbage in curbside roll-out carts.  See "Garbage Collection Map" in the Sanitation tab of this department.

What is the schedule for residential yard waste collection?

Yard waste is typically collected the day after your designated collection day for roll-out carts, for example if your roll-out cart is picked up on Monday, your yard waste will typically be picked up Tuesday. 

How can new residents get started with residential garbage collection?

New residents should call (864) 487-8510 to establish collection for garbage.  The City will deliver your roll-out cart at no charge.

Will the City pick up large household items?

The City will pick up large household items such as furniture, mattresses, box springs, or discarded lawn equipment. 

Will the City pick up discarded appliances?

Appliances such as washer, dryer, refrigerators and microwaves will be collected by the City.

 Will the City pick up large tree limbs, logs, or stumps?

The City will pick up limbs no larger than 8 feet in length or 8 inches in diameter if generated by homeowner.  The City will not pick up contract work.  Contract work consist of capital improvements to property by contractors.  The City will not pick up tree stumps.

Will the City pick up paint cans?

Paint cans will be accepted for collection if the paint cans are empty or if they are dry with no fluid residue remaining.  If you have wet paint remaining in the can, it can be dried up with kitty litter or oil dry.  The dry paint container can be accepted for collection.

Where can I take things that the City will not pick up?

Cherokee County Landfill:  (864) 487-2537

Can the City pick up trash or garbage left by contractors?

It is the responsibility of the contractor to remove all trash and garbage.  Materials left by a contractor working for a homeowner cannot be collected.