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Amodest house of hand-hewn logs, located in the heart of downtown Gaffney, has
welcomed travelers since the early 1800s.
It once was the home of an Irish immigrant,
Michael Gaffney, who purchased 815 acres of the South Carolina backcountry in 1803.
Gaffney constructed a store, tavern and home near the crossroads of an Indian trading
route leading fromVirginia toGeorgia, and theMills GapRoad that ran fromTennessee
toCharleston. His business prospered, and the commerce benefitted other early settlers
to the area. Michael Gaffney became a community leader and was a commissioned
officer during the War of 1812. After his death, the city was named in his honor. In
1897, Gaffney became the county seat of Cherokee County.
Today,Michael Gaffney’s restored and relocated
cabin stands on Limestone Street, across from
For residents of the city, the
cabin is a treasured historic icon and the focal point
for a variety of community events throughout the
year. In March, the city honors Michael Gaffney’s
Irish heritage with an Irishfest that includes music,
dancing, road races, and crafts for children. During the
spring and summer months, Shindigs at the Cabin feature live
musical performances. Each September 29, on Michael Gaffney’s birthday, the town
celebrates Founders Daywith special events at the cabin and the nearby Gaffney family
For visitors, the cabin is an interesting local attraction. The cabin is open for viewing,
and admission is free. Formore information onMichael Gaffney and the GaffneyCabin,
contact the Gaffney Visitors Center and Art Gallery at 864-487-6244.
Billy Pennington as Michael Gaffney
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