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city parKs
Safe and beautiful neighborhood parks are available throughout Gaffney. Visitors may
especially enjoy recreational options in City Hall Park, McCluney Park,Thomson Park and
Skateboard Park.
city hall park
205 N Limestone Street, Gaffney, SC
This park has beautiful landscaping, benches, and a tranquil water feature. Enjoy this park as a
wedding backdrop, or just sit and listen to the soothing flow of the water fountain located in
the center of this park.
city skateboard park
Oliver Street, Gaffney, SC
This park has half pipes, grinding rails, numerous ramps and obstacles for every level of skill.
Mccluney park
600 Granite Street
McCluney Park features two picnic shelters, two playgrounds, restrooms, a walking trail, and a
large grass area.
thomson park
601 South Limestone Street
Tennis courts, two picnic shelters, a large and exciting children’s playground area, and restroom
facilities are available for the public to enjoy.
spEcial EvEnts
Music sandwiched in Events
The Cherokee County Public Library hosts a series of noon-hour live music performances.
Genres range from blues to jazz to bop. Admission is free and light lunch refreshments are
provided at no cost.
Black history Month
With live performances, art shows and other activities, Gaffney celebrates the important
achievements and milestones of African-Americans throughout U.S. history each February.
irish Fest
Gaffney celebrates the Irish heritage of its founder, Michael Gaffney, each March. Activities
include a road race, music, dancing and crafts for children.*
Flag Day celebration and ceremony
In June, Flag Day is celebrated with a concert and a retirement ceremony for worn and tattered
United States flags.
*Event is provided by the City of Gaffney.
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